Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sweeney Todd

Wednesday night, Allison and I went to the District Theatre and saw Sweeney Todd. I remember hearing about it being a smashing hit on Broadway, but the story was never appealing enough for me to spend the money on a Broadway ticket.
I'm glad I saw it though, I was entertained and to sum up the movie in one word I would say it was IMPRESSIVE. Tim Burton brings out his top players to sing their way through the London based play and they really do sing. Johnny Depp belted each song out with an impressive voice, making you question whether or not it was really his. Along with Burton's pregnant wife, Helena Bonham Carter who holds the twist of the story in her dirty hands. The love story between the young Johanna (Jayne Wisener) and Mr. Todd's one true friend Anthony Hope (Jamie Campbell Bower) brings some of the most beautiful music and voices of the film. The movie was truly entertaining and truly deserves all the recognition that it is receiving!


Allison said...

See, aren't you glad I made you see this movie with me?! :)

Bellaland said...

LOL! Yeah, you could say that. I couldn't stop laughing though everytime he killed someone and all that fake blood went gushing everywhere.