Sunday, January 6, 2013

The last few months...

So much to share, so many posts, and so little desire to play a huge catch up.  So how about some prime pics, tags and on to a fresh start?

We had a lot of fun Halloween night with these three!

Oh yeah!  This cuteness is happening!

I slaved over this meal; with the help of Lua, Mom, and Lorien.  Do you see something missing?  Oh yeah, the turkey wasn't done.  :(  I'm planning a do over soon!

I haven't laughed so hard!

Dance party fun with these two!

I can't even tell you how happy I am for these two love birds!

I gladly spoil them.  They deserve it.  :)

Oh just some robot fun!

Christmas dinner party at my house.  Good times.  LOVE these two!

PF Changs good times with Peggy, Cheryl and Melanie.  These women inspire me.

After a ridiculously upsetting night, I was cheered up by these three in a LATE night sleepover.  LOVE!

He had to watch us cook dinner, only to fall asleep ten minutes into it.  Don't you just want to eat him?

Asisi family trip to SLC to see the Christmas lights.  Good times.

Good job iPhone!

It was SO great having Mom and Dad home for so long.

Christmas dinner!  A delicious polynesian feast!

Reading the book the grandparents got him for Christmas.  I'm so happy he loves to read!


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