Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We have had such a lovely 4th of July weekend!  We went to the Provo Arts Festival and enjoyed an overpriced meal!  We went to a BBQ at Supersonic Car Wash and watched the fireworks with our friends and family.  We celebrated Ari's 3rd birthday!  Happy Birthday Ari!!!  And we went to the parade today!  What a GREAT few days!  Here are some fun pics from our weekend!

Daniel got all the way to the top!

Happy Birthday Ari!

Oh man, the boys went wild when they saw all the Star Wars characters come down the parade route.

Tre danced every time a band came by!  So cute!

It was really neat to see all the missionaries walk down the parade route!

Happy 4th everyone!  Oh and stop by the Live My Life Project and read the wonderful posts that Megan and Lorien wrote for the 4th!

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Allison and Blake said...

SO FUN! It reminds me when we went to the parade and camped out.... and learned some cool dance moves. ;)