Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Additions

For the last few months Daniel has been asking me if he could get a puppy.  With work, school and everything else we have going on; I just felt like a dog would send me over.  So I agreed on Saturday that we could head to the Pet Store and just look at pets.  Daniel of course wanted hamsters, frogs, lizards or birds...ewwww!!!  Anyone who knows me, know that I have a severe phobia of rodents, I HATE frogs (mission flashbacks), I'm always worried that birds are going to fly in my hair and get stuck, and I can't handle holding reptiles and feeling their skeletons.  So that left us with Fish, Turtles or Puppies.  So I agreed, we would start with fish and in a year, we could move to turtles and then maybe when he turns ten we'll get a puppy.  

Now introducing our three pet fish...Sideswipe, Goldy and Optimus Prime.  :)


Megs said...

Awesome! Welcome to the family, fishies!

P.S. LOVE D's face in this pic, haha!

Kellie said...

Oh look how happy Daniel looks! What a cute kid. You are such a nice mamma for letting him get some pets. I am dreading the day when Averie asks for something like that!