Thursday, March 3, 2011

7 Years Old

Daniel turned seven-years-old today!!  He was so excited; he woke up twice during the night to ask me if it was his birthday yet.  After listening to him rustle around in his bed for most of the morning, I decided to get up and start the birthday festivities.  We got ready and headed to breakfast at Denny's.  I surprised him in the car with his first gift.

After breakfast, Daniel went to school where he had the best day.  He took cookies for the kids in his class and apparently the cookies were a hit!  Thanks A Fresh Market!!!  For dinner, we headed to Daniel's FAVORITE restaurant...Saigon Cafe.  John, Lorien, Tevita and Vea joined us for a yummy birthday meal.  Thanks guys for celebrating with us!   He's still got some celebrating to do: tomorrow is his friend birthday party at The Provo Beach Resort and then the whole family is heading over Sunday night for cake and ice cream.  It's going to be a fun birthday weekend.  Some fun facts about Daniel:

Favorite Color:  Blue...and white and green.
Favorite Food:  Cheeseburgers
Favorite Movie:  Transformers
Favorite TV Show:  Spongebob Squarepants
Favorite Animal:  Cheetah
Favorite Number:  Infinity
Favorite Toy:  All of his Transformers
Now that he's 7; what does he look forward to doing:  "Getting more skills on the monkey bars."
Favorite Subject:  Math
Favorite Book:  His new Ironman book

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Allison and Blake said...

He is so cute!! Happy birthday to Daniel!! Looks like you guys had a blast!