Monday, February 14, 2011

My Sweet Valentine

Valentine's's a day that comes with mixed emotions.  First off, annoyance!  Really people?  Cupids, conversation hearts, overpriced roses and Kenny G love songs?  A day dedicated to those who are in love and making fun of those of us without a love to call our own.  How rude!!

Second emotion...hope! (You weren't expecting that after my last little tirade...were ya?) I hope that the people around me, know that I love them.  I hope that my one true love finds me, before I'm too old to enjoy him...and would he mind just showing up at my door?  I hope that Daniel finds a love in this life (Later on in life preferably! After he graduates from college would be nice!) and I hope that, that someone treats him right.  More importantly, I hope that I teach him how to love and respect others.

Mostly, I can't help but be thankful for the little man in my life.  He has been my saving grace and the most amazing gift of all.  I'm so thankful that I get to be his mother, caregiver and supporter!  I'm thankful for all the amazing people in my life who help me do what I do.  Being a mom, full-time employee and full-time student makes me super nutty and in need of constant help.  So to those who are always lending me a hand; Fia, Sione, Lorien, Lua, Allison, Olivia, Melanie, Kristi and Mileah...just to name a few.  Thank you!!!  Thank you for keeping me off the ledge!

And to everyone reading this...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

My sleeping Valentine!

The Best Valentine I have EVER gotten!
"Dear Mommy I love you.
and I made these
cookies for you!
I love you so much
will you be my 
love Daniel."


Allison and Blake said...

AHHHH So cute!! Love ya Ela!!

Kellie said...

Oh that Valentine is so dang cute. You are so lucky to have such a sweet little boy in your life. I hope that a sweet man does make his way to your doorstep. You deserve it.

Melanie said...

Sooo sweet!! I love that you guys have jazz hands in the picture he drew. You must have been watching Glee. :o)