Monday, January 31, 2011

Sundance 2011: Sing Your Song

This was one of my favorite moments at Sundance EVER!  Yes, it was cooler than seeing Ben Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones!  The day started out with the movie "Sing Your Song", it was a documentary about the life of Harry Belafonte.  First off, you all know how much I love music and dancing so HELLO, this movie was going to be fun.  It was so much more than music and dancing though.  It was about how one person REALLY can make a difference in the world if they just allow themselves.  

I was so moved by how this man made it a point to fight for others rights, he used his platform of "celebrity" to fight for Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Native American's and the list goes on.  He cared enough to do something and at the end of the film, he looked into the camera and said,

"Now I ask you, what are you going to do?"  

Whoa!  What difference will I make in this world?  It's inspiring and in a way made me feel lazy.  I should be out there doing more with my "free time", teaching Daniel the importance of giving, and making a difference in the world around me.  

His daughter and producer of the film Gina Belafonte stood up for Q & A's and introduced a special guest, her father Harry Belafonte.  I couldn't help myself, I started crying.  I was in the presence of a man who helped move mountains.  I won't lie though, I felt a little silly crying in the audience, it helped me to know I wasn't the ONLY one!  :)  Please go see the film, you won't be sorry you did.  Here are some pictures of Harry, his daughter and his wife.  Plus an old music video of Harry!

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