Sunday, September 12, 2010

San Diego: Sea World

Our first day in San Deigo we went to Sea World.  Man, what a place.  Honestly we had SO much fun!  Well, other than the greedy monster, which I will explain a little later.  Anyways, what a GREAT place.  :)

We fed the Sea Lions:

(Do you see the bird flying towards Daniel?  It totally got the fish before Daniel was able to feed it to the sea lion.  Wa-wa!)

(These sneaky guys had fish stealing down to a science!)

We saw Sharks:

We went to the Artic, which you got to go through a motion ride (pretend helicopter ride to the Artic).  It made me SICK and was the highlight of Daniel's trip.  :):

(I don't know why, but I would get gossebumps and a tear in my eye everytime I saw a whale or dolphin.  They are so beautiful.)

We got to pet Sting Rays:

We fed the Flamingos:

We played:

We got wet:

We also saw, but didn't get pictures of: dolphins, penguins (so cute!), and Shamu.  I also saw a little greedy monster come out of my son everytime we left an exhibit.  Each exhibit has a gift shop as you walk out and every gift shop that we saw, Daniel began to whine, cry, BEG for a toy.  It about drove me NUTS!!  Honestly, they position the toys right at the kids line of sight and of course, he had to have it.  By the sixth exhibit I had to pull him aside and give him a STERN talking to.  "Sea World is our adventure!  It is our treat, being here is the treat!  You don't need more toys, toys that you'll leave on your floor!"  He didn't ask for about two exhibits and by the time we left the penguins he was in full on tears!  By that time I was tired of fighting with him and I caved!!!!  I'm so weak!!!!  But after he got the toy, he didn't ask again and we were able to enjoy the rest of the adventure.  Lesson learned...hmmm...I'm still trying to figure that one out.

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House of Ham's said...

I do love sea world! I totally understand your frustration about the gift shacks outside each attraction. Caused big melt downs for us too, dont worry about figuring it out, kids change too fast to try. You are a great mom thats all you need to know!