Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A + B = C

What an exciting couple of weeks!!  My best friend Allison got married to Mr. Blake Christensen,
Allison + Blake = Christensen. 
How stinkin' cute is that?  Anyways, Allison's sisters threw the cutest bridal shower for Allison on the 11th of September.  Then on the 18th, Olivia and I threw the funnest bachelorette party EVER for her.  We had the party at My Noah's and the theme was "Bringing Sexy Back!"  We had a photo booth, pin the junk on the hunk, celebrity couples match, a cookie decorating contest, lots of dancing and tons of yummy food!!  It was so much fun, I can't think of a night that I had more fun!  Then this last Saturday, the 25th, Allison and Blake got married!  It was such a lovely ceremony, I started crying the minute I saw Allison walk out with her Dad and I cried up to the point they exchanged their rings.  :)  I'm a weeper, what can I say.  Anyways, here are some fun pics from all the events!!


Megs said...

Dude, sounds like a SWEET party! Nice job :) And congrats and best wishes to Allison!

Allison and Blake said...

YAY!!! I still thinks it is crazy that I am married!!