Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daniel's First School Project

Daniel has been the Friend of the Week in Kindergarten.  It's been lots of fun! 
Monday he took his T-Ball Jersey and Baseball Glove.
Tuesday he took his favorite Transformer and Transformer book.
Wednesday he took his favorite book, "My Truck is Stuck!"
Thursday he took his favorite motorcycle.
For Friday Daniel has been working on the coolest poster ever!

We started out by picking some recent pictures of Daniel.  Then Daniel wrote a little bit about each picture.

Afterwards we glued everything to a poster board, added some CARS stickers and ended up with:

Picture captions say (counter clockwise):

Daniel Asisi
"This is me climbing."
"Ari and me have so much fun."
"Me and Tre went to feed the ducks."
"This is me throwing a football."
"I love Grandpa.  Grandpa took me to fish!"
"This is my Transformers party.  It is cool and fun."
"This is my mom and me."

After it was done I asked Daniel, "What do you think about your poster."
He said, "It is so cool, now I need to make another cool poster."
Me:  "Oh yeah, what should we put on it."
Daniel:  "Lots of pictures of my family!  My mom & me, Sione & Lo, Vita & Makenzie & Vea, Fia & Scott, Naki, Grandma, Justin & Lua, Adrian & Jared & Tua & Tavake, June, Melanie, Olivia & Claudio, Allison, Tre & Ari, Grandpa & Grandma...and I think that's everyone in my family."
Me: "Wow Daniel!  You've got a lot of special people in your family!"
Daniel: "Yeah, I'm a pretty lucky boy!"
Me:  "You sure are!"
Daniel:  "Oh and David!  Can't forget David & Kristi!"
He then continued to list more people as I hauled him off to bed.

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Megs said...

Haha! Awww, what a cute post!