Saturday, March 6, 2010

Musings & Pics from this GREAT day!

I fell asleep with heart palpitations last night. I woke up this morning at 5:30 am, fearful that this full day would not go well. I curled my hair, grabbed my books, and ran into the office for a couple of hours; in the hopes of catching up. Thinking back in retrospect, I can't tell you what I think I'm catching up to. Maybe it's some delusional idea that if I work hard enough I'll catch up to a moment in life void of the necessity to move. Ha, it makes me laugh just thinking about it. After a few hours at work I was off to school with a Macroeconomics presentation on Ireland, it went well and after I was done the weight began to lift. The hard part is over and it's time to play with Mr. Daniel. I got home to find my mom and Melanie, waiting for command. They were so great! 15 kids later and they were still standing with smiles on their faces. The best part of the day came after the kiddies’ party, this is the part of the day I think back to and my heart grows!!! My family and friends came out to support us! They brought hugs, smiles, helping hands, and most importantly LOVE. Where would I be without these people? Who would I be? They have each taught me lessons, and in some way molded me into the woman I am. I'm far from done growing, as they can probably tell you! But I'm better for knowing each and EVERY one of them. I’m so glad they are a part of Daniel’s life and that they will in their own way leave their impressions on him. I love you all, Daniel loves you and THANK YOU for loving us back!


Sione and Berlina Sika said...

Oh sweet Daniel...happy birthday little boy! you r growing up so fast! love to all!

Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

So dang cute sis! That is the coolest cake ever Daniel! What an awesome birthday party it was :) We had a blast!