Friday, September 4, 2009

Thank you!

I just wanted to take a second and thank all of you who took a moment or two out of your day to send me a birthday wish. All of your love, support, friendship and kindness has meant more than you know. You know, birthdays have always been a big deal to me, ever since I was little. The idea of growing one year older and one year wiser was always a cause for celebration. It's a day dedicated to celebrating the beautiful person you have become, the lessons that you have learned, the triumph over tragedy, the blessings and the chance to celebrate it with people whom you love.

Turning 30 hasn't been the easiest because looking back, I can't help but wonder why I haven't gotten more done. Why I have waited so long to get my schooling done, why at 30 I haven't met Mr. Right and why I am still carrying around this extra weight. I just couldn't shake the fact that I have a lot of goals and dreams that have yet to be realized. However, and this is a big however, there are no time for regrets. A change has been made, I'm no longer going to look back and mourn all the goals and dreams I have yet to realize. NOPE, the time I have is now and that is reason for celebration. I am 30 now, I'm wiser and that knowledge is going to help me reach those goals! I'm braver and that strength will put me into moments where dreams come true. I'm happier and that happiness stems from people who over time have become true and loyal figures in my life. I'm going to have a great year and I can't help but thank my troop of supporters (family & friends, new & old) for helping me along the path of discovery! I love you all, thank you for being you!
Picture by Master Danny

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