Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Fundraising Time!

Oh, my poor mom used to have a panic attack everytime we came home with the new fundraising kit. Looking back on it, I can imagine just how daunting it must have been to recieve three to four packets at once. As the child, all you want to do is sell as many items as you could so that you can get that cool glow in the dark gadget. Isn't it interesting how life circles around. Now, I have a little one who is excited to sell items so that he could get his own glow-n-the-dark toy. Yippee! So I am going to do this one bit to help the little guy sell items. We are NOT going door to door and I'm NOT taking this into work. I will however share the details with all of you:

Daniel is selling items from Sally Foster to help Westridge Elementary. We have made it super easy by creating an online account that will credit the school and Daniel for the sale.

Just click on this link: http://www.sallyfoster.com/

Once you have decided on what items you would like to buy, it will ask you for Daniel's Seller number. This number is 402870.

I breezed through the catalog and of course the chocolates always look delish! There was a cute snowman kit and some fun eco friendly shopping bags. Other than that, it's mainly wrapping paper and cute little gift bags/boxes.

Do any of you know when Girl Scout cookies go on sale? If so let me know!! Also, if any of you have children selling the county discount cards (Bulldog Card, etc), please let me know!

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Brandon & Aimee said...

I think girl scouts are usually Feb/March time...