Monday, August 31, 2009

It could be worse!

I love those AHA Moments. Moments in my life where everything just CLICKS. Today was not my best day. Everything that could go wrong seemed to do exactly that! They were all little things, sort of, but enough to just throw me off of my game. I had a slight car accident (don't ask, it's embarrassing), I ran out of allergy medicine, my contacts had dried up because it had been so long since I've worn them, my tire light came on (low air pressure), work was stressful, school was stressful, I couldn't take Daniel to school, and the list goes on!!!!!!

While stuck in afternoon traffic, I couldn't help but wonder what I had done to deserve the day I was having. Could it be because I didn't go to church yesterday? Was it because, things can't always be good and I just needed a bad day to appreciate the good? In the midst of my absolute self pitying, I passed a young girl pulled over on the side of the road. Her car hood was up and she was crying into a phone.

Are you ready for it;


Though my heart went out to the young lady, I couldn't help but think that life could be worse. All the little things that happened today were just that, LITTLE THINGS!!! I could get past these little things and in two weeks, the events of today would be nothing but a small memory. My car could have wrecked, I could have gotten hurt, I could be without a job, without family, without friends, etc.

Driving past the young lady, I couldn't help but scream at the top of my lungs, IT COULD BE WORSE!!!! Once I had yelled it, I was able to move forward. I was okay, my life IS okay! It could be worse.

So to the sweet, young girl on the side of the road, though your day was crappy and your car decided to die on you, in the middle of afternoon traffic, on the highway. I share with you my simple could be worse!
I typed the words "aha moment" into the flickr search engine and found this picture taken by Andrea Buzzichelli


Danny and CaraDee said...

Thank you for the thoughts! I needed to be reminded that thing could be worse. Sometime life seems so hard and everything is going wrong. But it could be worse.

Makenzie said...

Ela, you are truley amazing! I am so blessed to have a sister in law like you! Thoughtful in every way, best secret keeper, and absolutely inspiring! I love you and all your thoughts!