Monday, June 15, 2009


One of my favorite shows during the summer is, So You Think You Can Dance! It's so great and this first night with our top 20 was fabulous! I love dancing shows, movies, plays, etc. I know that Mel is gagging right now! LOL! But I love to dance! Anyways, these three dances were my favorite from last week! Seriously, I got chills watching both of them! I'll try to post my favorite three from each week!

Jeanine and Phillip - My favorite!

Ade and Melissa - I can't remember the last time I heard Richard Marx, but I loved it, LOVED IT!!! They did such a great job.

Jason and Kaitlin - I loved Slumdog and I think the whole bollywood thing is great! Anyways, these two killed it!


Melanie said...

LOL Yeah, just a little gag tho. I did start cracking up when you said you like to dance...reminded me of you busting out the moves at the bowling alley. hahaha (You know I'm just jealous, since I'm the most uncoordinated person ever)

Megs said...

My roommate is trying to get me into this show-- I just can't get over that judge lady! But I'm working on it! Thanks for posting those vids- cool stuff!