Friday, May 8, 2009

According to Daniel

I got my first Mother's Day gift from Daniel yesterday! He had made me a paper heart and with the help of his teacher Miss Angie he filled out the following quiz:

All About My Mom
Acording to Daniel . . .

My Mom's Favorite Food is - Mashed Potatoes (Absolutely RIGHT!!)

My Mom's Favorite T.V. Show is - The News (Lol!! Daniel is allowed to watch his cartoons while I get ready in the morning, but when I'm done we have to change it to the news. Mommy still has a hard time with cartoons.)

What my Mom does best - she does stuff and nicely! (Aww, so sweet!)

When I'm not home my Mom likes to - take a nap. (OMG, I laughed so hard I about peed my pants!)

When my Mom goes to work, she - just works. (Enough said.)

My Mom likes me, because - she likes to do stuff and something fun for me. (aka spoiled)

When my Mom was little, she - had toys. (Hmm . . .)

This just made my day! I can't wait to show it to him when he is older.


Brandon & Aimee said...

Precious! I love it when they bring home things like that. Thanks for sharing.

CJ and Kate said...

oh that's way cute, I can't wait till Kaitlin gets older and does stuff like that. He's so cute :)

Allison said...

Ohhh how cute! I love the nap one.... he is so funny!

Ercanbrack Family said...

Very Cute!! I hope that you had a wonderful first Mother's Day. There are so many more wonderful fun gifts like this to come. Love each one!!