Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Top 10 moments from my Vegas trip!!!

#10 - The demon voice!! I haven't seen The House Bunny yet, but I laugh my ars off everytime I watch the trailer and Anna Faris talks in her demon voice. So all weekend, Allison and I were on the demon voice kick! Poor Treden, got a little freaked when I called for him with my demon voice. HILARIOUS!!!

#9 - The unlucky pursuit of my jackpot!! It's not a matter of IF!!! It's a matter of WHEN!!!

#8 - The missing egg! We went to the Sahara breakfast buffet Sunday morning and John grabbed an egg benedict. By the time he got to the table, his egg had fallen off the plate and all he was left with was the benedict. LOL! The best part was that this guy had seen John drop the egg and then saw John's reaction when he noticed it was missing. The guy was cracking up!!!

#7 - Justin was staring at Allison! LOL! We were in the car, trying to get onto the strip when Allison, squealed with delight!! "Justin was staring at me! Justin is coming to Vegas on October 17th!" LOL, there was a cab with a hood advertisment, promoting Justin Timberlake's concert.

#6 - Fat guy in a little shirt! LOL!! We were at Naki's game when Allison noticed that there was a guy sitting behind us with his belly hanging out of his shirt. We made Scott pretend to take a picture of us, but instead take a picture of the belly!

#5 - The Food!! We had some good eats on our trip! We ate at In-N-Out Burgers, Margaritaville, Jack in the Box, Hard Rock Cafe and the Sahara Buffet! So yummy!

#4 - Crazy Lady! Oh my gosh, when we got to Margaritville, a band had just started to perform. They were pretty good, although the lead singer had these huge muscles and like the tiniest guitar. LOL! But there was this Crazy Lady who was up there dancing like, well, like a crazy woman! She was old and in this itty bitty dress and could NOT dance for the life of her! Ask me about it and I promise to imitate it for you!

#3 - Saturday @ the pool. We stayed at The Alexis Park Hotel and it was pretty nice. The best part was the pool, we were literally at the pool from 9:30 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon. It was a little overcast that day, so we took naps by the pool, played in the water and got the rest we all desperately needed. Cute little Daniel had so much fun at the pool!

#2 - Naki! Friday night, we went to visit Naki at his hotel. We spent a couple of hours, just talking and laughing. He is such a doll and he is so handsome!!! Saturday USU played UNLV, we didn't win, but no worries! It was a great game and it was SO awesome to see Naki go out on to the field. He was out there for 2 and a half plays! Way to go buddy! I love you so much!

#1 - It was a VACATION! Granted it was not nearly long enough and I still had a hard time getting up for work this morning. But I needed this, so bad! Just to get out of town, lounge by the pool, hang with my bff and my family! It was great. Now, the goal is to plan an uber lazy vacation, one that requires very little thinking! Allison suggested a cruise and I am 100% down! It was a good weekend!


Allison said...

HAHAHA... I loved our Demon voices!!! However... my throat hurt when I got home because of it. LOL!! Thanks for such a fun weekend!!! :)

OVER 50 AND LOVIN' IT! said...

Ella. I hope you don't mind me poking around your blog. I noticed it when I checked out Scott and Fia's. That was the first time I saw the preview to 'The House Bunny'. I still can't stop laughing. And the picture Scott took of the guys belly is hilarious!

Ela Asisi said...

Oh I'm so glad you came to visit my page! And I love that picture, it's hilarious!