Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jack Johnson

Can I just tell you that the man sings like buttar!! LOL! I think that is a line from a movie. But in all seriousness, I heart Jack Johnson's music! Monday night I went with Claudio, Olivia, William and Tiago

to the Jack Johnson concert @ the Usana Amphitheatre. There were so many people there, you could tell they over sold the concert. I mean, there were oooodles of people, we could barely find a spot and there were hundreds of people who came in after us. Well here, look!

Oh but when Jack started singing, I forgot about the HORDS of people and focused in on the fabulous show! Jack sang my two favorite songs; Bubble Toes and Banana Pancakes! The backdrop for the concert was pretty cool too, here is a pic of that.

There were six large LED screens that had some of the coolest imagery displayed on them. VERY JACK!!
The thing about Jack's music is that you can't help but wish you were on a beach, with a margarita, watching a sky full of stars. The night of the concert though, there was the most amazing moon that totally fit the mood! It was PERFECT!!

On the way home the guys sang like crazy! I almost peed my pants!

What a FUN night!!!

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AMY said...

looks like so much fun!!!