Sunday, August 24, 2008

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

What an amazing summer olympics! Beijing went big and I was glued to the tv for a majority of it! I experienced almost every emotion possible during the olympics this year! The opening and closing ceremonies were magical! Especially the part in the closing ceremony, when the camera panned over the singers and one of them happened to be JACKIE CHAN!!!! LOL! No, it really was awe inspiring. Some of my favorite parts were these:

When the Men's 4x100 relay team took gold over the "frenchies". PRIDE / HONOR and EXCITEMENT!!

When the US Men's Volleyball Team took gold over Brasil!! JOY and GRIEF over the tragis loss of the coaches in-laws.

Watching Usain Bolt break TWO World records!! DISBELIEF / ASTONISHED / THRILLED

Dara Torres, in general!! INSPIRED / AMAZED
In one of her races, she noticed that a competitors swimsuit ripped. Rather than taking advantage of the situation she helped the girl, by letting the judges know and allowing her time to change her suit! SPORTSMANSHIP

Who knew that water polo was such an agressive and exhausting sport. These guys tread water in a deep pool, I always thought they could stand in the pool. RESPECT / EXHAUSTION

OH and I met my future hubby! I thought it was gold medalist Michael Phelps, until I watched the men's volleyball team. HELLO, number 13, Clay STANLEY!!! CALL ME!

All in all, we brought home 36 gold medals, 38 silver and 36 bronze medals! WAY TO GO US OLYMPIANS!!!!

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Melanie said...

Jackie Chan..hahahaha. Yeah, Michael Phelps is an amazing athlete...and has a rockin body...but he really isn't that hot. Plus he's 23!! Good call with the volleyball boy. My personal favorite is Merrill Moses on the water polo team. mmmm nice lips! OH and you KNOW there was NO way I could watch the opening or closing ceremonies. Too frou-frou, musical-esque. But good to know they were done well. OH and what's the deal with rhythmic gymnastics? Are you kidding me?? Although it did inspire a hilarious spoof by Vince Vaughn on Old School. hahaha Frank the Tank, Frank the Tank!