Monday, May 12, 2008


That is right the boys from New Kids on the Block are in da HOUSE!!!! LOL!! I remember getting the New Kids tour video, I would watch it over and over again, just trying to get all of the moves down. This is killing me! So they are going on tour, which you can check out their website for all your new kids updates. Also here is a little snipet of their coming out on the Today Show!!!

Who was your favorite? Mine was Jonathan Knight, but now I have to say I'm digging Donnie! He's shaved the mullet, put on a super slick suit and is Mark's brother. Holla!!!! Danny still looks like he has a monkey face though! LOL!


Allison said...

LOL!!! I just downloaded their single from iTunes!! You gotta love NKOTB! I used to have a night gown with them on it... and of course collected the trading cards!! lol

Bellaland said...

LOL! I didn't know there were trading cards!