Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hot Tamale!!

LOL!! One of my favorite websites is If you are into horoscopes, this is the place to go! These aren't your wimpy, three sentence horoscopes! These are like 3 pages long, they explain the movement of the planets and how it affects you! Anyways, I was reading my May horoscope and this is one of the things it said:

Romantically, male or female, you will be one hot tamale in May. If you are single and hoping to meet a new person to love, the fifth house, due to receive brilliant vibrations from Venus and Pluto at the new moon, will give you several weeks of exceptional opportunity (until May 24, when Venus exits Taurus) to meet that special person. You must be out and about to allow the cosmos to deliver your goodies. Venus is known to set off sparks of new love and will move through Taurus this month, a sign that is divinely compatible with yours. You will almost literally magnetize this new person to you and you won't have to try all that hard either. You may meet at a party, on a trip, at a university or other seminar / training setting, or simply during your daily rounds.

NICE, I am going to be one HOT TAMALE!!! LOL!!!

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Melanie said...

GOING to be???? You ARE one HOT Tamale!!! Bow cheeka bow bow. :)