Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So over the holiday Allison and I went to watch Juno and I have to say I really liked it. Juno is a sixteen year old girl (Ellen Page) who gets knocked up and in a very witty and yes some-what crude script, you follow her through her pregnancy and adoption process. It was hilarious, I laughed and YES, I also teared up during one point of the film. If you want to go and watch this film though, please be advised that it does have a lot of crude humor and crotch shots. NO nudity, just crotch shots! LOL!
There were quite a few people that got up and left within the first fifteen minutes of the movie which brings me to a very important topic. PEOPLE: Please keep the following in mind!!! If you are the kind of person who walks out of a movie because you have chosen not to watch certain types of movies. (NOTHING against you, if anything I am impressed with the self control that you posess!) Please do those in the theatre a favor! Research the movie before you go and see it, don't just go and see a movie because the rating is within the limits you have set for yourself. It is so rude when you see someone get up and storm out of a film. Worst is when they loudly voice their complaint all the way out of the theatre. UGH!!!! Back to the film though, if you liked: Knocked Up and Superbad and you are looking for a sweet version of the two. Go watch Juno, you'll be impressed!


Melanie said...

Ugh! I could not agree with you more about people not doing their homework. It was so funny to see so many people leave during the first 5 minutes of "The Wedding Crashers" when all the topless girls are shown. Did they not have ANY freakin idea what the movie was about and that it was R?!! Anyways, I seem to remember some crudeness in this movie, but I have to be honest, I didn't think it was that bad. Ok, maybe the "pork swords" part, but overall I think it was more Austin Powers-ish than Knocked Up. (A movie I DEEPLY regret seeing) I LOOOOOVVVEEED Juno though!!! I really hope and actually believe it will do quite well at the Oscars this year. I want to be just as quick, witty, sarcastic, and cynical as Juno. Ok, I think I've got the cynicism...just need the other three.

Bellaland said...

No I agree that it's not AS crude as Knocked Up and there was definitely more of a story to Juno. But I do believe that I am a bit desensitized to it as well, so when I talk to other people who point every little thing out to me. I am surprised by how much I miss! Oh the pork swords though almost made my bladder explode! So funny!